About Us


On board the great ship Britannia the largest ship in the P & O fleet August 2016.


My husband Dean and I Becci wanted to write this travel blog to share our love of travelling and the great outdoors.  Our first holiday together was when we got married as we had our wedding in Florida, that was Dean’s first ever holiday experience, since then we have caught the travel bug and try to get away as much as we can.  Now our children are old enough to take care of themselves it frees up time and funds to spend on travel.


We have stayed in budget hotels and luxury hotels it all really depends on where we are and what we are doing, for example when we stay in Florida we stay in budget accomodation as we spend most of our time out of the hotel and in the parks so it’s just a place to lay our very weary heads, but if we stay in Turkey we would pay more for an all inclusive hotel and spend most of our time relaxing by the pool, on the beach, exploring their beautiful grounds and making the most out of all you can eat and drink.


We have joined a ramblers group and are able to explore the beautiful country that we live in while trying to keep fit.  We hope to explore the national parks and even go further afield, maybe the great wall of China or Machu Picchu who knows we all have a little explorer in us don’t we ?


We would like to offer tips and advice on cost, planning and finding the best value for money on your trips after all some of us save along time for our dream holiday and we would like our money to go as far as possible.  If any of our fellow travellers would like to recommend any countries, places to stay or sights to see please feel free to comment.


Happy Travelling

Dean and Becci