Compton Acres


Compton Acres is a large privately owned garden in Poole Dorset founded by Thomas William Simpson in 1920. There are a number of themed gardens which are just stunning, we went in March and plan to go back in the summer when more of the flowers have bloomed but what we saw was beautiful especially the Heather garden.

The Wooded Valley


The Wooded Valley was designed to reflect the beauty of Mother Nature with as little evidence of man’s intervention as possible.

The Rock and Water Garden


The Rock and Water garden is one of the largest privately owned rock gardens in England, its construction used many hundred tonnes of rock.

The Heather Garden


The Heather garden has over 100 different forms of heathers, it is particularly beautiful in early spring.

The Japanese Garden


The Japanese garden is regarded as one of the best and most authentic in Britain.

The Italian Garden


The Italian garden is designed to be enjoyed as a spectacle with water, fountains and topiary.


The gardens include lots of steps and bridges but you get a choice of an alternative path that will exclude these. There is plenty of seating scattered throughout the gardens so there is plenty of opportunity to rest. There is a cafe with a good selection of food and drink however it is a little pricey but with all the seating in the grounds a picnic would be ideal. The carpark is free with plenty of space and there is a gift shop which I loved it is full of different items from plants to books and children’s toys.

An adult price is £8.45 and it is open all year round, all in all a good day out.

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