Optrex Warming Eye Mask



My husband and I love to try out new products so we were delighted to get the chance to try Optrex’s new product, the Warming Eye mask. We turned the tv off, sent the children up to their rooms and made sure our dog was in her bed, we wanted 10 minutes quiet to try our new product.



The purpose of the Warming Eye Mask is to relieve and relax tired eyes in 10 minutes, perfect for someone that has been in front of a computer screen all day or a traveller on a long haul flight but just as good for 10 minutes relaxation.

The mask comes in a sealed packet, once opened you unfold the straps, put the white side over your closed eyes and easily slip the straps over your ears, it is a comfortable fit. It took around 30 seconds before we noticed the heat coming through and at around 5 minutes I would say it was at its hottest, but not uncomfortably so, it felt incredibly relaxing and reminded me of being pampered in a spa. The mask had almost completely cooled by around 10 minutes and when I took the mask off my eyes felt refreshed, this lasted for about 2 hours.

The masks cost around £4.00, they are disposable but you get two in a pack. Overall we think it is a good product if you need a quick fix for tired eyes.

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