Our first ramble February 2017


In February 2017 we decided to join a ramblers group, we love to walk and visit beautiful landscapes so it made sense to us to join a local group and find new scenic walks.

Our first ramble was a 6 mile hilly walk at Swanage and Studland. I was surprised at just how fit the group were, bearing in mind they are about 20 years older than ourselves ( we are in our 30’s ). We struggled to keep up and would have liked to take more time to see the sights but we didn’t want to keep the group waiting. February probably isn’t the best time of year to start this activity as it was very cold and there was alot of mud. We walked from Swanage to Studland and Old Harry Rocks, after a brief rest we carried on to Agglestone Rock.



Agglestone Rock is a sandstone block of about 400 tonnes in weight perched on a conical hill. It is a beautiful sight out in the middle of nowhere, if you are ever in Poole I recommend seeing this precious sight. We were glad when the walk was over as we were exhausted but we look forward to the next one.

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